quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

Puerperium experience

Before i start talking on motherhood experience, I found convenient to talk in the postpartum period, those days after delivery, that some women do not feel anything, but in my case it was the most painful (not wanting to scare anyone)

After a natural birth with epidural anesthesia and long time to make an effort, I had my baby 3,200 kg. As I was in the hospital and there are medications for pain and others, do not have the real sense of what this happening in our body. As soon as I got home I began to notice that i had internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as one of episiotomy points hurts too (cut to do to help the baby born)

That first month after delivery was one of the most difficult but thanks to some help that here I will say, the pain and everything was going gradually.
First, hemorrhoids, as were internal and external, could not go well to the bathroom. Then, i found the Aloe Vera !.

How do I use it?

We cut a leaf, peeled and put in a blender that transparent gel. After put that gel in a container to the refrigerator. Each round the bathroom (including urinating), wash the area with cold water and apply this cold gel and leave, does not feel sticky. You have to be persistent to the aloe vera works its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. I recommend at least one week of treatment.

Following the pain I had at the point of episiotomy, I can only say it was decreasing after that hemorrhoids passed, but of course painkillers helped, ice and rest.

Another little help that served much time to sit me was to make a "float" with a towel so as not to support the zone directly on the flat surface which makes the skin twitch and even hurt more.

Rest a lot, and just time to cured all.

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