quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016


From the moment of the baby was born I was asked if would feed him, which said yes. They put him and instinctively seeks the nipple and begins to suck. 

The feeling of such suction in the first moments is a mixture between tickling and printing, it is the time that is given to drink the colostrum, that is a clear liquid that contains lots of important substances. 

After a few days, produced a lot of milk and it felt heat in the body as an internal fever, the breasts start getting bigger and tenser which is relieved when the baby is breastfed. At that moment of the baby suck the nipple it not feels tickles anymore but a sharp pain that comes from the inside out, which appears because the milk passes through the fine channels until the nipple. 

Because the nipples are not accustomed to this constant friction and suction and milk output sometimes produce sore and can create infections in severe cases. 

That's why I tried some things to relieve that discomfort: 

1. Clean the nipple with our own milk to moisturize
2- Use creams rich in lanolin, this substance is a natural wax that can be consumed by the baby without risk and at the same time moisturizes and helps the nipple skin flexibility. 
3- Regarding breastfeeding pumps: for those who have no chance of having an electric pump, which is actually just think useful for those who have to take a lot of milk, handpumps are more than enough. 
I used a Chicco as the photo and it was more than enough.

Speaking of milk lumps, the best to do in this case: Put hot cloths (hottest that support) directly on the lumpy and interim area with circular massage for at least half an hour, and with the help of the pump sucks as much as you can to ease the pain. 
The images show how to massage the breast, the second image is how is the manual milk removal.

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